Workplace Etiquette According to Reddit

Here at AngelStar Digital, we encourage our employees to greet one another. To us, saying “Hello” is akin to saying “please” and “thank you”, and is a wonderful way to break down barriers and develop stronger relationships. It’s simple and easy, and when combined with a smile makes mornings at the office a lot less painful. Which got us thinking, what are some other simple things we can incorporate into our work-place etiquette to brighten up the office? Through the fun of lurking Askreddit, we’ve compiled a list of simple things we can do today to keep the peace at the office.

1. “Put a proper, searchable, and accurate subject line in your emails.”

In a thread asking users what are some simple work etiquettes that most people just don’t get, Redditors were quick to point how frustrating it is to be sent an all-important email titled ‘hi’, ‘hello’, or the dreaded ‘(no subject)’. Picking a more specific subject line for your next email can make all the difference in employee relations.

2. “The “To:” field is for people you need a response from. The “cc:” field is people who are copied for info.”

Don’t get “To:” mixed up with “Cc:”, and unless you want everybody to take time out of their busy schedules, please don’t hit reply-all when responding to company-wide emails.

3. “If you kill the joe, make some mo.”

One Redditor sums it up best: “Walking up to an empty coffee pot, or burnt coffee pot, is the worst when you have a two-hour long meeting in 3 minutes.”

4. “Don’t use your speakerphone in a cubicle unless you have to (multiple people in your cube need to hear).”

It’s great that you’re passionate about your work, but taking a hands-free phone call and engaging in deep conversation is a clear distraction to others in the office. If there’s an empty room available, use it.

5. “If you’re in a cubicle system and someone wants to watch videos/listen to an audio, they should use a set of headphones.”

Headphones were invented for this reason alone.

6. “Put your phone on silent/vibrate.”

Remember, email and message notifications are for you—not your whole floor.

7. “Talking about religion or politics. No faster way to tear a diverse team apart.”

Subjecting your coworkers with all your personal views is a no-no, and not to mention a recipe for disaster. If you’re going to see the same group of people every single day, you probably want to stir clear from controversial topics like religion or politics.

8. “If there are shared tools/items, put them back in the designated place. If there isn’t a designated place, create one. There’s nothing worse than wasting a half hour looking for the things you need to get your job done.”

This is exactly why our kindergarten teachers taught us to put things back where they belong.

9. “Turn off the lights when you leave the meeting rooms. And for the love of all that is holy, take your garbage with you.”

Conserve energy and preserve the office. Do your part.

10. “If the food/beverage in the fridge isn’t yours, don’t eat/drink it. Simple as that.”

This one is self-explanatory. On a side note, if someone is nice enough to bring in treats to share with everyone, please don’t leave the mess for them.

11. “If you are sick and contagious…stay home.”

Last but not least…a sick office is an unproductive one. Please don’t risk turning everyone into zombies. Thank you.

A sick office is an unproductive one. Please don’t risk getting everyone sick.

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