It’s not just a vehicle wrap

A nice vehicle wrap can be the difference that makes a difference in your branding and marketing campaign.

Whereas traditional forms of advertising, such as billboards, print, TV, and radio, involve recurring costs, time, and placement restrictions, a colorful vehicle wrap is both cost-effective and makes for a wonderful first impression.

Described as a billboard on wheels, a vehicle wrap is a digitally printed advertisement made from heavy-duty vinyl that is professionally installed on your car, van, or truck, thus allowing you to market on-the-go.

Depending on your location, how often your vehicle is on the road, and how far you travel, a wrapped vehicle can potentially reach tens of thousands of people per month—all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional billboard. Commuters will see it while you’re driving down the street, speeding down the highway, or waiting at the stoplight. Pedestrians will see it as they cross the street. People will even see it when you’re parked and out running errands. The more places you go, the more exposure you gain.

On top of helping you stand out wherever you go, a professionally wrapped vehicle projects the image that you’re a well established and trusted business and is a great way to reach the people in your local community.

Best of all, unlike TV, radio, or print, which often take a rather aggressive approach in getting the consumer’s attention, vehicle wraps are subtle. They blend into our day-to-day environment and transform traffic jams into advertising opportunities.

For a safe and proven way to expand your market reach and stretch your advertising budget, vehicle wraps provide your brand with the kind of exposure most advertising solutions can only dream of. They provide up to five years of the on-the-go exposure your brand deserves, can protect your vehicle from road debris, and can even be removed without damaging your beloved paint job.

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