Thinking About Hiring a Copywriter? Read This First!

Ever felt emotionally connected to an advertisement—as if it was speaking directly to you and you alone? How about a desire to click BUY or find out more?
If so, chances are you were reading the work of a seasoned professional known as a copywriter.

Hired to capture your attention and describe the benefits of just about any product or service with persuasive sincerity, a copywriter’s job is to get you to buy or, at the very least, join the mailing list.

From the ads in our morning paper to the billboards we glance at on our way to work to the last page we visited on Amazon, everywhere we go there’s text competing for our attention.

Therefore, if you want your brand to stand out in today’s fast-paced digital world, you must do as the Romans do, and get yourself a copywriter.

Afterall, if 61% of internet users around the globe use search engines to help make informed purchasing decisions, your website may very well be the only chance you have with your target market. So strive for quality copy that will enhance your brand’s image and build familiarity, emotional resonance, and a call for action.

Plus, as discussed in our previous post, your website’s content matters. Not only does it play a vital role in how you’re being perceived by visitors, but by optimizing your posts and pages for long-tail keywords and search engine visibility, copywriting can improve your site’s rankings on Google as well.

With content flowing in all day, all the time, it’s difficult to stand out in today’s digital age. Therefore, drawing visitors to your brand, positioning your company as an industry expert, and closing the deal, takes a copywriter who will work with you to develop a unique voice for your brand, and leave your visitors with an impression unlike any other.

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