The Benefits of Vinyl Vehicle Wraps and Decals

In the age of social media marketing, where everyone and everything is online, it’s easy to overlook a marketing tool as simple as a vinyl vehicle wrap or some decals.

The thing is, with so much information competing for your customers’ attention, sometimes going back to the basics is enough to stand out from the crowd.

Built to last outdoors, what makes vinyl vehicle wraps or decals an effective marketing tool is that their physicality alone generates a greater sense of value, and they can be posted on everything from your storefront window and equipment to poles, posts, and signs around the city.

Furthermore, whereas your social media activity can easily be lost in a sea of posts, likes, shares, and tags, when displayed, vinyl stickers or decals come across less of an advertisement, and more of a message. Plus, chances are high they will be stuck somewhere people can see rather than end up in the trash.

A vinyl vehicle wrap usually includes the name of your company and your contact information. This can cover all or part of your vehicle. This is a proven way to transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard so that wherever you drive it.

Decals, on the other hand, are typically printed on vinyl or clear polyester, and include a layer of paper on the back and transfer tape on the front. Ideal for lettering or complex designs, decals are placed like a typical sticker, but with the transfer, tape left on the surface. Once applied, expect your lettering or complex design to be perfectly aligned after removing the tape from the surface.

Just as politicians utilize stickers and decals as a way to get their message out in the community and generate PR, you can do the same by including valuable information or promotions on the paper backing, or position them on your company vehicle so that employees can advertise as they make their rounds around the community.

Even as an affordable, durable, not to mentioned overlooked marketing tool, going with stickers or decals for your next marketing campaign will still require strategic planning and an eye for detail and design. For help with your next marketing project, give us a call today at 519-969-0712, or click the button below!