How to use t-shirts to improve your marketing efforts!

T-shirts can give your marketing efforts the extra push your brand needs. Dressing your employees in promotional tees ensures a unified look that will improve your brand recognition.

By having your company name and logo on both the front and back of a tee, employees can play a vital role in your marketing efforts by simply wearing your T-shirt during work, sponsored events, and trade shows.

Similarly, with consumers’ love for wearable products, a good T-shirt can mean free advertising for your brand wherever they go.

Take being an event sponsor.

Not only does this position your business in a positive light, but printing custom T-shirts that include key event details, as well as your brand name, will entice attendees to wear your shirt during the event, and will likely be kept as a souvenir which they can use again after.

If you’re sponsoring, say a golf tournament, a good old fashion polo shirt will provide event attendees with the kind of functional value that they can continue to use into the future.

Similarly, T-shirts make great prizes and rewards too.

For those customers who purchase your new product, sign up for your newsletter or loyalty program, or complete follow-up feedback surveys, T-shirts are a great way to show your appreciation.

Furthermore, sending a T-shirt to promising clients after a pitch meeting or a trade show will act as a strong personalized reminder that you wish to connect with them again. And for inactive customers who have made frequent purchases in the past, T-shirts can act as a reminder of how much you value their business.

Want to engage your online followers? How about hosting a T-shirt design contest on social media? Just make an announcement on your social media accounts, and give participants a theme related to your business, logo, or tagline for inspiration. After all, who wouldn’t want to see people wear a shirt with their winning design on it?

Got an unhappy customer? Why not follow-up a bad customer service experience with some further proof that you value your customers. Sending your customers a free T-shirt as a thank you for bringing any problems to your attention can yield you goodwill in the long term.

Having both employees and customers wear your shirt can play a vital role in your marketing efforts. Placing your company name and logo on both the front and back of an audience targeted T-shirt can greatly impact your marketing campaign, so consider ordering some today!