Summer Marketing Ideas For Your Business.

With the temperatures rising, and people out and about, the summer months offer ample opportunities to implement a number of promotions that can boost both your sales and online presence. Here are 5 summer marketing ideas to consider for your next campaign. 



What do tote bags, sunglasses, and water bottles have in common? They’re an affordable, blank canvas built for both functional value and your brand. Think about it. By offering a free pair of sunglasses or a water bottle with every purchase, customers are incentivized to buy, while you gain with day-to-day summer marketing. These promotional gifts are lightweight, low-cost, and can be easily branded with your company logo. 

Alternatively, offering free cold beverages, such as soft drinks, iced tea, and water, is also a simple, low-cost way to drive traffic into your store, as doing so, will build goodwill and attract an audience that may not have otherwise stepped foot into your store.  


2. Host special events 

Capitalize on the warm weather by getting people together for a fun outdoor event. From summer solstice parties and family nights, to cookouts and community clean-ups, summer is the perfect season to place your company in the spotlight. 

Hosting monthly family nights with special summer activities or discounts, beach-themed parties, or organizing a shoreline cleanup, is a great way to celebrate the warm weather and to give back to the customers and community that support you. It’s also a chance to help you network with the like-minded. 


3. Sidewalk sales and pop-up shops 

At a time where foot traffic is at its highest, sidewalk sales and pop-up shops offer a fun and unique way to attract new people to your business. By setting up just outside your shop, at a farmers market, or in any busy shopping area, a local community of people, as well as tourists, will have a chance to see what you offer in-store. 

Furthermore, if you time the release of your new product or service for the summer season, and—better yet—it’s seasonally theme, then such a setup can optimize your summer marketing campaign. 


4. Social media giveaways

People just love sharing pictures of the trips they take and the adventures they have. With the help of apps like ShortStack, vacation giveaways are a great way to increase brand awareness and social media engagement. By hosting sweepstakes for your fans, entries can be can added to your mailing list (with their permission, of course), or alternatively, a photo contest where followers are asked to post summer-themed photos with a specific branded hashtag, can result in your business being liked, shared, and tagged in all the right ways. Just be sure to specify how you will be choosing the winners, the prizes, as well as the dates of the contest.   


5. Rewards programs

From the start of summer, the long weekends in between, and back-to-school, this season offers many opportunities to drive traffic to your store with great customer deals. However, if you want to show even more appreciation to your customers, implementing a rewards program is great for any summer marketing campaign. For instance, offering a summer referral program, where an existing customer gets a discount on their next purchase upon referring a new one, is an excellent way to attract new shoppers while strengthening your relationship with your current ones. 


With longer days, warmer weather, and colder drinks, the summer is a great time to celebrate friends, family, and your customers. These summer marketing ideas are a great way to increase both your sales and brand awareness this upcoming season.

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