Summer Marketing, For Your Business.

Summer might seem pretty far away, however… that gives you plenty of time to plan an effective, cost-efficient advertising campaign for your business!

But do you know where to start?

Welcome to the AngelStar blog! This is a place where you can learn industry leading advertising, marketing & design advice from some of Windsor-Essex’s top talent! Being in business for almost 30 years, and serving hundreds of businesses over that time has provided us with the knowledge, and know how to help business owners achieve greatness!

1. VALUE! VALUE! VALUE! With the world of business being the most competitive it has ever been, customers base their purchases off the value that you provide them. This has made things like customer service, rewards-programs, etc more important than ever! Here’s something to think about…what value do you provide your customers? What value does your competitor provide to their customers? Take a deep dive into realizing how you can provide more of an incentive to our customer. (Cheat Code: Loyalty Programs have caused the most return purchases out of any incentive!)

2. Free Stuff! Now wait…before you run away, hear me out first. This point is in direct correlation with the one I listed above. What do tote bags, sunglasses, and water bottles have in common? They’re an affordable, blank canvas built for both functional value and your brand. Think about it. By offering a free pair of sunglasses or a water bottle with every purchase, customers are incentivized to buy, while you gain with day-to-day summer marketing. These promotional gifts are lightweight, low-cost, and can be easily branded with your company logo to maximize reach!

3. Social Media Giveaways! As we know, social media is a very valuable tool that can provide solutions to almost any problem your business is facing. One of the best tools for increasing your brand awareness, and showing your customers that you care is by hosting giveaways on your social platforms! Put simply, people love the feeling of “winning” and getting things for “free”, and your business can greatly benefit from this! Most giveaways tend to have certain actions that are “required” to increase their chances of winning. These “requirements” are usually things like “like our facebook page” or “share this post”. Even simple things like that can increase your reach over 200% on average!

4. Corporate Responsibility! One of the most important things younger consumers look for when buying from a business, is how ethical their company is. You can sell the best, highest quality products…but if you’re company is deforesting the Amazon to get your materials…good luck! Your opinion on whether corporate responsibility is “stupid” or not, should be out of the equation. If you want to survive, you have to get with the times. Summer is the best month to create events that show that your business cares, and some examples of those would be things like: Charities, Local Clean-ups, and more!

Showing that you care is a simple, yet effective way to gain new customers, retain existing customers and to increase the image of your brand overall. Get ahead. Plan out your summer campaign while it’s still cold out!

When it comes to being a business owner… there are very important decisions you must make to ensure that your business thrives! The marketing budget, tends to be an overlooked expense by many business owners which is quite odd because it is the KEY to building new relationships with customers, and getting your name out there. If you increase your marketing budget, and spend it wisely…you are guaranteed to see results! Not sure how to effectively spend it? That’s where we come in. Give our experts a call, we would love to advise your next campaign!

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