Stickers: Why You Should Market Your Brand With Them!

For decades now, stickers have successfully been used to get politicians elected, conversations started, and brands established. However, with social media being the go-to marketing tool in today’s online landscape, often advertisers overlook the timelessness, not to mention the simplicity, of this sticky marketing tool. 

Available in a variety of material, including chromo, mirror coat, transparent, non tearable, and panel among others, the cost of stickers will vary with the quality, quantity and printing method chosen. However, unlike marketing on TV or online, stickers are an affordable way to stick out (no pun intended) from the noise of an increasingly digital world. 

With a perceived value greater than your average business card, flyer, or brochure, stickers can be pasted on virtually anything, and on certain type of materials, can last a lifetime. 

On top of that, stickers featuring your social media handles and hashtags can actually be used to supplement your online marketing campaign, and when combined with your brochure, catalog, and product packaging, is easy to integrate with any running campaign.

When a person receives a sticker, chances are, they stick it somewhere. This means whether applied to their car, window, laptop, water bottle, or equipment, you can virtually leave your mark anywhere with a flat surface. 

Long-lasting, low cost, versatile, and covert, stickers come off as less of an advertisement and more of a personal endorsement. Use them to push your branding campaign, communicate information, or as a handout at your next tradeshow event, and don’t forget to include product information and promotions on the back of the sticker too. 

With customers becoming more and more loyal to their brands, accompanying a good product with a good old fashion sticker will resort in the kind of perceived value that people will want to show off, meaning your product will get the exposure it truly deserves. 


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