Social Media & the Question to Always Keep in Mind

Over the years, social media marketing has proven to be a powerful tool for generating leads and boosting sales. Research has shown that consumers think highly of brands with a proven social media presence. Unfortunately, the problem lies in the fact that there are a number of factors that go into an effective strategy, and the line between right and wrong practices aren’t always clear since there is simply no 100% proven strategy. Simply put, guaranteed successful social media marketing campaigns are nonexistent, and here’s why…

Your business is unique, complete with its own goals, target market, history, and competitive arena. Whether your goal is to increase revenue, expand into a new market, or reach a new audience, what may work for one business, may very well prove ineffective for your business.

With all that being said, by clearly identifying current and potential customers, as well as their habits, you can put together a unique marketing plan composed of content that is aligned with both your message and the end user, and thus increase the chances of developing a campaign that’s perfectly tailored for you.

However, before you can write the blog posts and email newsletters, and develop content and strategies for each of your social media platforms, you must answer the one BIG, yet obvious question…

What is your social media marketing goal?

Whether you’re trying to generate leads, increase your sales, drive website traffic, or just want to build a larger following online, your social media marketing goal needs to be defined as clearly as possible. That’s it. The types of content you publish, the platforms and channels you invest time and money in, the frequency in which you post, and how you measure the effectiveness of it all is dependent on this single question.

If your desired outcome is clearly defined, then looking back at your social media metrics from the past year to determine what proved effective in getting you followers, likes, shares, leads, website traffic, and increased conversions, as well as the where and how needed to make and measure adjustments will be simpler.

There’s no one secret to social media success, nor is there any way to guarantee continued success after you find it. With the social media landscape always changing, and new trends coming and going all the time, keeping up-to-date is absolutely critical. However, with a set goal always in mind, the journey will remain all the more clearer.

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