A Simple Way to Safeguard Your Facebook Account

For years, many of us have used Facebook to connect with friends through our favorite apps, games, and websites. Unfortunately, this ability to integrate your Facebook account with apps, games, and websites, meant granting developers access to your information. Since your account contains your email address, phone number, and location among other things, signing into any given website or app with Facebook means sharing important information about yourself, as well as who your friends are. This also means that many of the apps and sites used by your friends can access some of the information you share with them too.

Following the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal, Facebook is planning to implement additional controls to ensure further privacy protection.

Among these additional settings is a platform investigation of all apps that had access to large amounts of information prior to 2014’s policy changes, a full audit of any app with suspicious activity (including banning developers found to have misused personally identifiable information), and informing users about data misuse. Furthermore, Facebook plans to turn off access to any unused apps. So if you haven’t used X within the last three months, expect the platform to shut off that app’s access to your information.

Until then, here’s what you can do today to protect your precious information from potential misuse.

Go to the top-right corner of your account and select Settings. Once you’re there, click Apps and Websites in the left side menu. This will give you a full list of apps that currently have access to your Facebook account. Here, you’ll have the ability to edit or delete each app’s access to your account.

Alternatively, you can shut off Facebook’s integration with all apps and websites you’ve logged into by clicking Edit and then Disable Platform under Apps, Websites and Games. By doing this, you’re removing all apps and games associated with your account, thereby deleting all associated posts from your timeline. Afterward, you will no longer be able to access any of these apps, games, and websites using Facebook.

There’s no denying that Facebook is a wonderful tool that has made being social easier than ever before. I mean, where else can you see all your friends’ birthdays in a single place?

However, with crucial information on your account, and the platform integrated with countless apps, games, and websites, taking extra care to protect your information is crucial.

For more information about how Facebook will be ‘Cracking Down on Platform Abuse’ click here.

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