Reward Employees With These 3 Simple Ways of Saying Thank You

At AngelStar Digital, we believe great, hardworking employees are the lifeblood of any successful business. Therefore, it is crucial that you do whatever it takes to reward them for all their hard work. And no, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give everyone ridiculously large bonuses every year (although this never hurts either).

Here are 3 simple rewards you can implement today to ensure your employees feels appreciated at work.

Start by saying ‘Thank-you’

Wanna boost employee morale? Then start with the simplest of gestures. Show your employees gratitude by leaving them with a hand-written thank-you note, or better yet, thank them in-person. Acknowledge them for a job well done, and be specific about what it is they did that you appreciate so much.

Studies show that, employees who feel valued at work tend to be more satisfied and productive, resulting in improved employee performance and lower turnover in the long run.

Wanna go above and beyond? How about rewarding your employees with lunch, throwing an office party, or gift giving? Pizza day, treating the team to laser tag or go-karting, gift bags, and vouchers to their favorite restaurants are some affordable, and effective ways to reward your employees for all their hard work.

Lead by example

Whether recognizing a single employee for going above and beyond with an Employee of the Month reward program, or putting a leader board up in the break room to showcase employees who are leaders in their respective roles, rewarding excellence not only results in top performers feeling proud of their accomplishments, but will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

To further reinforce this culture of recognized excellence, make it an office tradition to reward personal successes and employment anniversaries with a catered lunch, a cake with the employee’s name, or by awarding a trophy.

With great power comes great responsibility

With time, the better an employee performs, the more autonomy and responsibility you want to give them, as doing so is a demonstration of your commitment to their professional and personal growth. Whether an employee is promoted to a higher position within the company, given more important tasks, or granted the ability to make their own decisions, this shows that you trust and believe in them.

From handwritten thank-you notes and celebrations, to more autonomy and responsibility, employees who feel appreciated will work harder and enjoy their job more. These simple, thoughtful rewards, will keep your employees on the right path, and result in a work culture rooted in gratitude.


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