Quarantine Like a Pro! 6 Tips From A Master Introvert!


We all have those things which we have meant to do but never had the time to do. But ask yourself, do you want to be walking around outside getting the coronavirus? Or do you want a perfect backyard? We would choose the ladder any day! Plus, it’s easy to get the supplies you need without leaving your home with Amazon.


Before the internet, people would gather around a table and spend hours trying to conquer the world or make their friends and family go bankrupt. Luckily you’re still able to do this online by playing 2 of our favourite games, Monopoly and Risk.


There is something we find satisfying about putting on music and zoning out and drawing. We know everyone isn’t an artist. But if you let your imagination run wild and go with the flow soon, it will be 3 am, and time to sleep.


The internet connects millions of people with this comes millions of new and wacky websites. From websites to help you find the invisible cow to another website that magically finds your pointer by pointing at it with a real finger, there is always something to explore.

We know these are difficult and challenging times. But we hope everyone finds peace in these troubling times and does their small part to defeat CON-19.

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