Think Print Advertising is dead? Think again!

Look, I know what you’re thinking: “Why would you even ask that? Of course, print advertising is dead!”

And we get it.

Today’s consumers are spoiled.

With smartphones, tablets, and laptops as thin as paper, shoppers can now discover the latest products and deals within minutes. Obviously, you don’t need print advertising when you have the power to reach consumers anytime, anywhere… right?

Sadly, that’s far from the case.

Between social media feeds, google searches, and email accounts, consumers see hundreds, if not thousands, of ads a day. In fact, its gotten to the point where several ad blocking apps were specifically designed to stop businesses like yours from reaching their screens.

Unless consumers are searching for your product or service, or hear about it through word-of-mouth, chances are your ads will get lost. Therefore, to stand out in today’s ever growing digital age, consider going back-to-basics with good old fashion print advertising.

Since we humans associate things differently based on our ability to touch and hold, a mailer will stand out due to the simple fact that we’re able to feel it rather than click-through it.

It’s no wonder 39% of customers have actually tried a new product or service because of print advertising.

Furthermore, research shows that US businesses still make an average 1300% return on the money they spend on traditional advertising. Yeah, that’s right 1300%.

So what does that say about print in today’s digital age?

Well, between having the power to stand out from their virtual counterparts and convert leads into sales, sometimes, old is just better.

Plus, with print advertising, you can even use it to complement your digital strategy. Simply add your website and social media addresses to your next leaflet and you’re set!

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