Political Lawn Signs That Get You Votes

As a campaigner’s go-to tool, are lawn signs is a simple solution for any campaign. They’re affordable, compact, and a great way to get your message across the community. With that being said, more often than not, candidates and committee members get too caught up with the elements that make up the “right”  lawn signs, such as color, design, layout, and material. Which is why, with election season up and running, we thought now would be the best time to discuss what makes effective lawn signs.

Although there’s no evidence of a particular color scheme that wins voters over (after all, we all have our favorites), a simple rule of thumb is this: light lettering on dark background.

Choosing well contrasting colors that are visible, will help your signage stand out better at night or in certain environments, such as those that are snowy, arid or have a lot of greenery.

Similarly, avoid dark lettering on a dark backdrop as this combo is also generally difficult to see.

Because campaigning is often associated with patriotic colors such as red and blue, we recommend going with a color scheme that not only suits your brand, but will help you stand out from the competition.

Try soothing pastel colors like yellow, pink, pale blue, or light green on a dark backdrop, like black, burgundy, or forest green.


When designing your lawn signs, the candidate’s name is a crucial element that will tie the whole sign together. Do you use your first name, last, or both?

First off, the shorter your name, the larger it will stand on your lawn signs. Pure and simple.

Second, if your last name is short like Fox or Lee, then a portrait layout will be appropriate. However, if your last name is something long like Tomashevski, then you probably have no choice, but to go with a landscape layout.

Whether or not you use just your first name or include both, depends entirely on your circumstances.

If you’ve ran before and are already known in your community, then using just your first name might work for you. Similarly, if you are the only candidate in the race who belongs to a minority group, then capitalizing upon that by using only your first name may work as well.

However, If your name is incredibly common, then we recommend including your first name in your sign to avoid confusion with others in the community.

Furthermore, it’s important to include the name of the position you’re campaigning for on your sign as it will later appear on the ballot.

When it comes to yard signs, the goal is to pick a sign that is durable, easy to store, and provides good value.

Three types of signs commonly used for political campaigns include Plastic Coated Cardboard, Poly-Bag, and Corrugated Plastic.

Featuring a  waterproof laminate, Plastic Coated Cardboard (aka the Double-sided, Fold-over sign) is an inexpensive lawn sign that works with both wooden stakes and steel wire frames.

Although it’s less durable than Corrugated Plastic, this yard sign can be transformed into a two-sided sign by folding and either stapling or gluing the edges. With that being said, this sign’s water resistance depends entirely on how much polycoat is used on it.

Poly-Bag Signs on the other hand, are lightweight and inexpensive in large quantity orders. Resembling plastic bags, these signs are simply slipped over a U-shaped wire.

Unfortunately, Poly-Bags are prone to looking more like mini banners than rigid signs on windy days, and require costly wide wires to keep them up. On the bright side, this means you can reuse wires from past campaigns and buy just the poly bags themselves.

On the high end, Corrugated Plastic Signs (aka Coroplast) gets our highest recommendation. Tough and lightweight, Coroplast signage uses a special H-shaped wire and is assembled by simply inserting the wireframes into the corrugated plastic.

Strong and rigid, this weatherproof sign is more costly, but will last longer in the wind and rain, and is the best option for those looking to purchase smaller quantities or a unique shape.

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