New Lighting Program for Small Businesses like Yours

Here at AngelStar Digital, we’re a firm believer that energy efficient LEDs are a worthy investment that will reduce your overall energy consumption and power bill in the long-run. Which is why we want to turn your attention to Ontario’s Small Business Lighting program.

Ever wondered how you can save on your electricity bill, minimize your footprint, and have extra money leftover to put back into your business? How about giving your business the curb appeal it deserves, or a more inviting ambiance for customers and employees alike?

Designed to provide small businesses like yours with all the services necessary to upgrade to energy efficient lighting, the Small Business Lighting program will assist you with everything from the initial onsite assessment, to the installation and final cleanup.

To begin, simply give your local hydro utility a call to determine whether your business is eligible for the program. If eligible, a representative will arrange for an onsite assessment to review your lighting options and outline ways you can make your workplace more energy efficient. Depending on how much of the benefit your business qualifies for, you will be provided with up to $2,000 in lighting upgrades which do include the cost of labor and materials.

That’s $2,000 that can be used towards improving visibility and safety, eliminating dull or flickering lighting, and improving the showcase in your store. For more information about the Small Business Lighting program, click here.

Looking to upgrade your current lights and signs to highly energy-efficient LEDs?

Regardless of time or weather, LED signs can help your business stay noticed. Created using overlapping light emitting diodes, LED signs produce a source of light that is brighter and longer-lasting than most illuminated signs. In fact, running on a mere 24 volts, LED is among the most energy efficient signage options available. When LED signs are mounted on walls, billboards, and storefronts. They are guaranteed to capture the attention of your next customer—especially if your business operates well into the night.

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