Mascots: Thinking about getting one? Read this first!

From M&Ms and Mr. Clean, to Tony the Tiger and the Michelin Man, Mascots are everywhere and for good reason—they help your brand stand out through consumer engagement.


In conjunction with your company’s name, logo, and slogan, a mascot is a direct marketing strategy you can implement today to help people understand and remember everything from your brand’s name, product benefits, and even your target audience (Trix are for kids!).


Here are 3 simple reasons why you should get yourself a mascot today!


1. Help your brand become more recognizable


Trying to fill a stadium, increase sales, or raise awareness? If so, an engaging mascot will make it easier for current and future customers to understand what your brand really stands for.


Having a mascot walk around at public events, festivals, and fundraisers, will not only act as a visual reminder, but when combined with print advertisements like flyers and coupons, will increase the likelihood that your next great customer will stop, accept, interact, and return to your company.


On top of that, when combined with a bustling personality and an opportunity to take photos, it’s next to impossible to not at least notice a mascot.  


2. Have power over their story


Having a brand spokesperson who can engage and identify with your audience is great. But like all of us, spokespeople sometimes make mistakes (afterall, human error is inevitable), and oftentimes bad publicity can be costly on a business level.


Unlike a brand ambassador, who may fall out of popularity or get in trouble (even when they no longer represent your company), a company mascot requires only creativity to shape a story that is aligned with the values of your brand.  


3. Less costly


Unlike social media, TV, and newspaper advertising, which requires a constant flow of spending, a brand mascot has only a few expenditures. The cost involved in the creation of the mascot itself, as well as the cost of any video or cartoon animations you decide to use to help your mascot advertise your business.


What makes a mascot a whole lot less costly than other promotional tools is lifespan. With proper care, you can use your mascot costume for years without damage or repairs. That’s years of promoting your brand at countless events and functions without having to spend a whole lot of money.


Our mascot


Recently David Le, an intern here at AngelStar Digital, put his character design skills to the test by creating for us six potential mascots we wanted our followers to choose between for our very first company mascot. Using Facebook reactions to vote, our fans narrowed it down to this mascot:


What do you think we should name it? Comment on this post!


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