Why having an Internship program is great for your business

Here at AngelStar Digital, we believe introducing an internship program in your business is a wonderful way to discover new talent, and potentially your next great employee. 

As a recruitment tool, offering internship opportunities are not only cost-effective, but they provide your team with helping hands and new perspectives.

Seeing as how we’re currently looking for new interns (Know someone who might be interested? Tell them to apply here!), what better time than now to explain why an intern (or two) is right for your business?

Since the purpose of internships is to gain experience and learn new skills, hiring an intern is a great way to help your employees achieve organizational goals and objectives.

With interns come an extra set of hands that can be used to prevent your current employees from becoming distracted with side projects or menial tasks, thus resulting in increased productivity and focus.

In addition, interns can offer your team new perspectives on strategic planning and implementation. Having grown up in the Digital Age, today’s tech-savvy youth have a vastly unique knowledge base that they can bring to your brainstorming sessions and meetings, as well as your social media strategy.

Furthermore, internship programs provide an opportunity for your employees to become stronger leaders. By helping students learn about the industry and acquire the skills necessary to perform tasks and accomplish goals—mentoring not only prepares future minds for today’s work environment—but can build strong employee morale and a workplace dedicated to leadership and learning.

Recruiting and hiring new employees is a costly, time-consuming process. However, with the trial basis of an internship program, you can gain access to talent at a fraction of the cost it takes to train new hires, and get to see whether a potential candidate fits in with your team and culture.

In the past, it was much easier for new graduates to find jobs out of school. But these days, employers emphasize work experience. In fact, research shows employers point to internship experience as the most important factor they consider in hiring new graduates, and 85 percent of companies use internships to recruit for full-time openings.

Since hands-on experience is necessary to stand out in today’s competitive work environment, internship opportunities are a great way for you to invest in our youth TODAY. 

Afterall, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to get an intern who’s eager to learn, teach them your business, and hire them right out of school, than to risk time and money on a hiree who has never worked at your company?

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