Help Your Business Stand Out With These 3 Signs

When it comes down to your business’s sign, standing out is everything. As a primary source of your brand’s identity, your sign draws attention not just to the latest specials and products, but most importantly the door to your store.  Used to identify and reinforce your brand, the sign on your building lets people who pass by your business know what your business is, thereby communicating both your business’s credibility and operational stability.  

With the power to make all the difference on how you’re being seen by the public (not to mention, a 24/7 advertising solution) we recommend exploring these three eye-catching options for your next sign project!


Stand out in today’s competitive environment with 3D signage. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor advertising, adding a 3rd dimension to any shape or letter is a sure-fire way to be seen from any distance. Available in high-density urethane foam, acrylic, wood, plastic, or metal, the materials used to produce the sign are based on its location and purpose. Built to last, 3D signs are great for storefronts, restaurants, office buildings, and schools—creating an effect of natural shading and shadows that deliver a high-impact presentation.


Regardless of time or weather, LED signs can help your business stay noticed. Created using overlapping light emitting diodes, LED signs produce a source of light that is brighter and longer-lasting than most illuminated signs. In fact, running on a mere 24 volts, LED is among the most energy efficient signage options available. When LED signs are mounted on walls, billboards, and storefronts.  They are guaranteed to capture the attention of your next customer—especially if your business operates well into the night.


Having been used to generate brand awareness since the 1950’s, Neon signs emit a warm and welcoming light that is impossible to miss. Coming in a handcrafted glass tube that is structured into your shape or design of choice, illumination is created when neon and an inert gas are combined with electricity to emit a fluorescent color. Seen virtually everywhere—particularly in the front of store windows—neon is an affordable and flexible solution for businesses that offer 24/7 services. In fact, because neon uses electricity as a means to instigate light rather than as a primary source it requires significantly less energy than traditional lights. This results in high energy savings and lowered costs. Furthermore, the tubes that hold the gases can be bent and shaped to spell words and create designs, thus bringing flexibility to your brand.   

No matter what business you’re in, a well designed and constructed sign can help you increase your brand’s exposure, and solidify its identity.

Whether you’re looking at a traditional print or want to add a third dimension to your sign, here at AngelStar Digital we have the skills and expertise to meet your branding needs.

From surveying to installation to maintenance, we have a large selection of print, digital, LED, and neon options to choose from.

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