Graphic Design in Windsor

Logo design and branding by AngelStar Digital


When it comes to establishing your “brand” there are many important things to consider. However, the two main points are having a consistent look and feel, and making sure the designs/colors of your brand match the “brand personality” you’re aiming for. In the saturated world we live in, it’s KEY to ensure that your company sticks out, and the best way to stick out is through high-impact graphics. We have over 25+ years of experience, working with thousands of businesses…we have what it takes. Let’s get started!


– Logo Design
– Corporate Identity
– Stationary
– Business Cards
– Brochures
– Folders

Branding builds trust and adds value to a business big or small. Quality design, and consistent branding make it easier for people to recognize the brand they are looking for. Whether that be through online, or offline purposes. Get noticed, become memorable, let AngelStar Digital help your business achieve greatness!


At AngelStar Digital, we specialize in helping you advertise your business effectively & efficiently. We take pride in helping small businesses in the Windsor area, as they are the backbone of our economy & the spirit of our town! Our highly-experienced graphic design team can develop creative marketing solutions for all media, to help you get more business!


– Direct Mail
– Posters
– Flyers
– Post Cards
– Exhibitions and Stands
– Social Media Campaigns

We work with all clients to find innovative marketing solutions for all budgets. We help customers in identifying their (USP) Unique Sales Proposition so that all marketing materials are designed for maximum impact.

Good marketing is designed to target a specific audience, not everyone.

Van vehicle graphics and decals in Windsor, Ontario


Proper advertising makes the difference between getting by, and thriving. On a daily basis, we are exposed to an average of 4,000-10,000 different ads, messages, etc. So with that being said, how do you manage to compete with that? Well for starters, reach & frequency are your best friend. The more you get your business in-front of peoples eyes, the higher chance of them remembering you…and being remembered is what every business wants & needs!


– Signage
– Vehicle Graphics and Wraps
– Billboards
– Newspaper Advertising
– Outdoor Advertising
– Ambient Advertising

Why not turn a company vehicle into a billboard on wheels? Let our creative  team develop an advertisement or campaign, specific to your particular company requirements. We can also develop cross platform adverting campaigns for online and offline media.