Graphic Design Mistakes

Often times many of us ignore the important role that graphic design plays in business.

And how could we not? DIY design is a great way to save some money, and with all the information at our fingertips, more-and-more are doing it.

But let me ask you this: When thinking of mega brands like McDonald’s or Apple, what comes to mind?

Fast food and innovation aside, I’m guessing a golden arch with a red backdrop, or a sleek minimalistic piece of fruit, right?

There’s a reason McDonald’s and Apple logos are ingrained into our minds. From the colors and typefaces to the images and symbols, it’s these elements that make these designs stand out from the competition.

With that being said, the graphic designer’s role in ensuring that your brand catches the eye of consumers also involves avoiding the following design pitfalls:  

1. Too many fonts.

A common graphic design mistake is using too many fonts within a single piece. By going with more than three fonts in any one layout, you’re likely creating a piece that’s distracting, disorganized, and lacking in continuity. A seasoned professional will carefully craft a design that utilizes no more than two fonts and doesn’t divert from the overall design.

2. Color combinations that fail

Similarly, another common mistake that DIY designers make is not knowing how to use color contrast effectively. A seasoned professional will strive for a color contrast that not only grab’s the consumer’s attention, but also make it accessible to people with some form of color blindness. Although most people suffering from colorblindness can still see color. Individuals with Achromatopsia cannot see color at all.

3. Horrible Kerning

Kerning or the space between your letters, can make or break just about any piece. By failing to make the proper adjustments, simple wording can result in difficulty reading, embarrassing misinterpretations, or a design lacking in cohesiveness.

4.Designing with too many images, fonts and colours

Beginner DIY designs are easy to spot due to either a lack of white space or an attempt to fit too many words into a single line of text (for readability purposes, no more than 50 to 60 characters per line is ideal). A good designer will craft a piece that makes it easy for the consumer to reach out to the business. This is achieved through a good balance between spacing and imagery. If your design is packed with too many images, fonts, and colors, consumers will have a more challenging time taking in the information you wish to highlight. Keep things clear and concise.

5. Risky stock images

Stock images are everywhere, and chances are you’ll see the same ones more than once. Although they’re a quick and simple solution, more often than not, they can make a piece look cheap and unprofessional. With there being a possible risk of copyright infringement, seasoned professionals avoid stock in favor of purchasing photographs that guarantee exclusive usage rights.

6. Hire A Graphic Designer!

Let’s face it, as humans, we’re all bias in one way or another. Whether we recognize it or not, we all favor one thing, person, or group over another, and this is no different in our design preferences. Which is why, hiring a professional designer is a great way to avoid getting overly caught up in our own individual tastes, or a style similar to another company’s. Although a seasonal professional is there to meet the client’s needs, ultimately he or she collaborates with you in creating a unique piece that will speak to your target audience. By taking the DIY approach, not only do you risk creating a piece that speaks to only you (and you alone), but chances are, a casually designed piece won’t give off the vibe you’re hoping for.

As you can see, graphic designers do more than just design. In addition to working with you to ensure that everything from your logo, brochure, packaging, and website presents your business in the greatest light possible—ultimately they’re here to make your vision a reality.  

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