Facebook is Changing How You do your Social Media Marketing on Hootsuite

By now, you’ve probably received an email or twelve about how your favorite online platform is updating their Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. Well, in case the memo got lost in your overflowing sea of emails, we thought we would do a little PSA. Among the platforms updating their Policy is every business’s favorite social media management platform Hootsuite.

As of April 4th, the platform will no longer display users’ names and profile pictures under Facebook Group, Event, and Page Search streams. In fact, event streams for Facebook profiles have been eliminated altogether, and you will no longer have access to stream Pages you don’t own.

In addition, Facebook Pages added or reconnected to Hootsuite after April 4th no longer
support private messaging functionality. This means you can no longer view message streams for pages through the platform, and must login directly to Facebook in order to respond to private messages.

Speaking of logging in directly to your account, Facebook profiles will now need to be re-authenticated every 90 days. Tedious, but all in the name of maximum privacy!

As for Instagram, Hootsuite will no longer allow you to use the platform to like posts or comments, follow or unfollow users, and comment on posts that aren’t your own.

Furthermore, mentioning other Instagram users in your posts is no longer possible, and username and profile pictures no longer display in hashtag/location searches, comments in Analytics, and mentions in Hootsuite Insights.

With Facebook changing the way all partners access data, more and more measures are being taken to keep your information safe and secure. Although these changes don’t seem all that big on paper, in reality, they mark the beginning of a new and improved privacy landscape.

For more information about how some of these changes will impact how you use Hootsuite, click here.

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