Enhancing the Customer Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, improving the customer experience has become an overly complicated process.

With the amount of information and tools available at our fingertips, not to mention an endless amount of competition in the market, connecting with your customer means going above and beyond posts about your product, specials, and promotions on social media.

In order to create a customer experience that separates you from the competition, there’s a right way and a wrong way when it comes down to utilizing your social media channels.

If you’re just posting everyday about how awesome your product is and why followers should buy it, then chances are, you’re failing to really connect with your customers.

No one likes to feel like they’re being sold, and with the endless amount of posts one sees on their Facebook feed everyday, it’s your page that will be unfollowed the next time a “customer” does a bit of digital spring cleaning.

To combat being the next unfollowed page, try regularly updating your social media channels with content that engages the end user, such as blog posts or videos featuring life hacks, or tips on how one can improve their own business. It’s posts such as these that add value to the customer experience, and demonstrates that you’re a business that cares about more than just sales.

Furthermore, online or off, don’t just reach out to customers when business is doing well or you want them to open their wallets. Through thick and thin, you should always find ways to continuously show the end user that you care.

Whether that’s approaching each one as an individual rather than just another customer, dropping in on clients to personally introduce yourself, or even a simple follow up call or thank you email, the point is, you need to earn your customers’ loyalty by showing them that you’re committed to making them happy.

By finding out your customers’ income, demographics (age, sex, location, and occupation), interests, shopping patterns, and pain points through the use of market research, Google Analytics, surveys, and social media feedback, you can create an amazing customer experience with the right content, offers, and promotions. Doing so will result in a customer experience that’s more authentic, personal, and conversational.

And if your customers are happy, then you will be too!

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