Customer Relationship Management: A Tailored Experience

The goal of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to improve your business’s interactions with past, present, and future customers, and thereby your long term prospects. The entire Customer Relationship Management process is built around understanding your customers, their needs and preferences, and using the gathered data to improve service, develop personalized advertisements, and to drive product development and sales.

On paper, Customer Relationship Management is simple. By taking the time to understand the pains, challenges and goals your customers face, you can align your offerings in a way that solves many of their pain points. However, before you can even start helping your customers reach whatever goals they may have in mind, you first need to build trust.

Building trust involves demonstrating to customers precisely how your offerings will help them face their everyday challenges. This will take some credibility, as demonstrating trust and expertise will require you to show customers that you know what they’re talking about.

Get to know them. Remember their names, any facts about them, and perhaps stay informed about anything happening in their respective industries. By taking customer contact details like their email, address, phone, website, and social media, and gathering any personal information, such as their birthday, hobbies, and where the customer first heard of your business, you can put together a customer profile that can be utilized to personalize your service to specific customers.

The more information you have on customers, the more opportunities you have to send Thank-You emails, Christmas and Birthday cards, calendars, or company branded promotional products like T-shirts and mugs. For your most loyal customers, having a profile can mean tailor-made discounts, or rewards like amusement park tickets, gift cards, or a day at the spa—depending on what he or she prefers.

Customer Relationship Management is extremely useful from an analytics point of view as well. By keeping track of your customer’s sales history, you can send out timely reminders based on frequency of purchase. Furthermore, by having a system in place to record any past complaints, product returns, or survey and follow-up responses, you can utilize the feedback to fine tune both your offerings and marketing strategy.

Whether going the extra mile to gift a loyal customer a company branded mug full of candy canes on Christmas, or a new and improved product based on repeated returns or complaints, Customer Relationship Management adds a layer of extra care and detail to the service experience.

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