Corporate Apparel & Why You Should Budget for It

At AngelStar Digital, we’re firm believers that branded corporate apparel and uniforms can give your marketing efforts the extra push your business needs.

Something as simple as a company logoed shirt, hat, or hoodie will equip employees with massive branding power during work, fundraising events, and trade shows.

For instance, take softshell jackets; they are lightweight, waterproof & flexible. With winter just right around the corner, these polyester jackets are guaranteed to keep your team members warm and insulated as they commute to the office, a client meeting, or skate on the ice.

For employees, there’s practical value and a greater sense of pride and team spirit to be gained from what is an otherwise simple jacket.

Research shows that employees have a greater tendency to identify with the business’s values, mission, and goals when wearing corporate branded apparel. More often than not, this commitment translates into greater accountability, and in turn better customer service.

On top of boosting employee morale, corporate branded apparel has the added benefit of highlighting your company culture and increasing your advertising capacity.

Psychologically speaking, from your customer’s point of view, the consistency and unity of branded company apparel makes employees easy to identify, and instills a greater sense of confidence in the authority, experience, and expertise of your team.

With the start of the holiday season, there’s no better time than now to dedicate a small portion of your marketing budget for corporate apparel and uniforms. Inexpensive and adaptable to any season, corporate apparel, not only guarantees a coherent look that will result in improved brand recognition, but doing so will give your employees a greater sense of unity, connection, and professionalism.

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