Co-Op Student of the Month – David Le

Chris- Did you apply to go to College or University?

David- I applied to St. Clair College for animation, and I got in. I also applied to Sheridan, but I haven’t received a response yet. After I graduate from animation at St. Clair College, I plan on applying to Sheridan to further my education or start working.

Chris- What are your hobbies?

David- I like drawing. I sketch and do some animation too in Adobe Animate. (Adobe Flash). I also try to do more digital art in Krita it’s a free drawing program. I’m also getting into Paint Tool Sai which is another digital art program. I’m delving more into character design and cartooning. It’s something I want to get into, and improve on it.

Chris- Do you have any pictures of your art?

David- Yeah, I brought a sketchbook. Do you want to see? 

Chris- Of course! 

David- I usually post my work on Instagram. But it’s just a personal account for fun.

Chris- What is your dream job?

David- My dream job is to work at a large studio, preferably as a 2D artist or a storyboard artist. My dream employer would be Pixar. But I don’t know if I can get in. Only the best of the best work there. My cousin actually works there.

Chris- Well, you have to try, or you’ll never know. I think you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

David- But for now I plan on doing freelance animation, or go into graphic design until I get my footing working in animation full-time.