Vehicle Wraps and Graphics in Windsor Ontario.

Why Should You Invest In A Vehicle Wrap? Here’s Why.

Vehicle Graphics are one of the most versatile OOH (out-of-home) forms of advertising available. Many businesses today, tend to blow their marketing budget on mainstream tactics like billboards, tv, social media, and print ads. While these are all great mediums to use…you’re competing against some of the biggest corporations in the world, who have 10000x your marketing budget.

When it comes to being a small business owner, you need to conserve your funds and spend your advertising budget wisely on mediums that offer multiple uses, and are budget friendly! 

That’s where vehicle graphics come in.

Vehicle graphics are very modular, highly-customizable and are able to fit almost any goal that you might have! From small bumper stickers, to vehicle magnets and full scale wraps…the choice is yours! If you’re unsure about what you’re looking for, that’s where AngelStar Digital in Windsor, Ontario shines!

With over 30 years of experience designing, producing, and installing vehicle graphics of all shapes and sizes…leave it to us!

Now… let’s discuss the exact benefits you can expect from investing in your “billboard on wheels”.

Economic & Meant To Last

Vehicle wraps & decals are very affordable for how long they last. On average, a high-quality vehicle wrap can last an upwards of 5-7 years! Here at AngelStar Digital, we use high-quality, durable 3M Vinyl that might be a bit pricier, but it will certainly stand the test of time…plus it comes with a warranty! 

The 3M vinyl company conducted a three-month long research study to compare the average cost/impression price compared to other advertising mediums and here’s how it turned out:

Advertising Medium + Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) 

TV $23.70 

Magazines $21.46 

Newspaper $19.70 

Radio $7.75 

Outdoor (billboards) $3.56 

Fleet vehicle wrap graphics $.48

This means that for vehicle wraps, based on a $3000 investment you are only “paying” 48 cents per 1000 impressions…which is as economic as you’re gonna get!

High Frequency & Reach

When you put graphics on your vehicle, you basically advertise your business everywhere you go! A majority of the cars on the road in Windsor, consist of a plain white, silver, or black…which means even the slightest amount of colour has the opportunity to attract the attention of anyone on the road. 

Not convinced? Here are some stats from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA)

A vehicle driven only 15,000 miles per year will pass 9,000,000 other vehicles.

Vehicle wraps give you between 30,000-70,000 “ad impressions” (number of people who potentially see your ad) 

80% of consumers could recall relevant details about a vehicle wrap after seeing it only once, and 91% of consumers could recall significant detail when the vehicle wrap was seen a few times per week over the course of a daily commute.

Vehicle Advertising. Here’s why your business NEEDS it!

Vehicle Advertising is a marketing trend that is growing more and more, each year.

What on earth is causing it to grow at such a rate?

Well first, let’s start off with some need-to-know facts about this form of OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising!

  • Vehicle wraps/decals give you between 30,000-70,000 ad impressions, depending on the density of your area.
  • A vehicle driven only 15,000km per year will pass by roughly 9,000,000 cars. (No exaggeration!)
  • Vehicle wraps/decals help improve brand recognition by almost 15% greater than other advertising mediums.

These were only a couple of the many reasons your business should be utilizing vehicle advertising.

Now, let’s discuss WHY those numbers are so high.

Let’s start with a scenario.

You live in the Greater Toronto Area, and you spend about 30-45 minutes commuting to work. You spend most of your commute in a “Stop-and-Go” traffic jam. While waiting for traffic to move, you notice a bright Orange and Blue pickup truck, wrapped in a company decal. It immediately caught your attention as it went by, sticking out like a sore thumb against the sea of silver, white, and black cars you’re normally used to seeing. The truck was from a local plumbing company in the area. When you get home from work, you notice that your pipes under our sink have been leaking. On your way to work the next day, you see that bright truck again, which has a decal on the bed of the truck with the company phone number. When you get home, you call the company and they show up.

This was obviously a highly sped-up scenario, but it gives you a general idea of how these things work.

Almost 70% of cars on the road follow a “grayscale” color scheme of white, gray, black, and silver. What this means, is that it is ridiculously easy to stand out amongst the crowd. Not only does this apply to automobile traffic, but to anywhere your vehicle can be seen with a pair of eyes.

Not only can wrapping your vehicle help your car stick out, and gain more “impressions”, it also helps people briefly understand what your brand is about.

Here’s an example showing just how much of an impact wrapping your vehicle can have.



(Wrap performed by the talented team at AngelStar Digital, in Windsor, ON.)

Which one would catch your eye in traffic?

Hopefully, this blog post helped you realize how beneficial this could be for your business!

Let us know!

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