Are you keeping up? For Business Owners, and Marketers.

The world of business is an ever-changing landscape. Each and every day, new technology and software are released, that will eventually shake up the digital world.

As we know, Social Media is an absolute giant. It has become the best way to reach the consumer, and deliver our message to them.

As a marketer, the digital world fascinates me. It amazes me how ads have been more impactful, and relevant more than ever. When the user likes certain pages, talks about certain things, and shows a general interest in a product/service/industry, it allows us to segment better than ever, and get better results than ever before. While this is all great news and all, it also brings up some challenges.

For example, consumers are exposed to an average of 4,000-10,000 ads per day.

How is your message going to stand out, and stick in the mind of the consumer, with a stat like that?

Here are some best practices, that should help with that exact problem.

Whether you’re a marketer, or a business owner if you follow some of these practices you are GUARANTEED to excel in the digital landscape.

  • Content is King, Video Content Trumps All. I put this first, for a good reason. Next time you scroll through your social media feed/timeline, take a look at how much still imagery you see. I guarantee you that while you are scrolling, you will stop because you see either a gif/video that moves. Now that it grabbed your attention, it reels you in even further by using sound, and video. Every business should include video content for this exact reason, however, the ones that stick out the best are the most clever/creative ones. For example, here at AngelStar Digital in Windsor, we post satisfying, “behind the scenes” video content. Why? Put simply, people love satisfying content.


  • Optimize EVERYTHING for SEO. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. When you write content, figure out ways to tie in your key phrases/words, and make sure they are CONSISTENT across all platforms. And no, it’s 2021, you can’t just fill a page in with keywords and color the font white to hide it, that just makes Google upset. He’s a mini-scenario of how I tend to optimize my content for a YouTube Channel.
    • Let’s say our company did a vehicle wrap, of a 2021 Ford Bronco. After my video is done rendering, I make sure to name the finished product something like “AngelStar_Car_Wrap_Ford_Bronco.mp4″. I use this name, because it’s based on the keywords people use to find our business, and it is relative to the content in the video. Then, when I make the thumbnail image, I’ll give it a similar name. When I write my description I’ll make sure to use keywords that relate to the video, and what people are searching for similar to the service ‘Car Wrap”. So on, and so forth. You want to make sure everything you upload to the internet is named properly and can help improve your search rankings.


  • Google MyBusiness. Tying into SEO, but important enough to be its own point is Google MyBusiness. This is something you should stay on top of, constantly. Making sure your business hours are correct, posting photos of your workplace/products, responding to customer reviews (Especially the negative ones), posting offers and events, are all extremely important especially for business owners.


  • Social Media, Use It Properly.  This one is mostly for the business owners that might be out of the loop, as marketers are USUALLY trained/educated on the matter, and yes…usually. If you run a social media account for your business, make sure you follow some of these rules of thumb.
    • Post consistently, don’t spam post either. Using a tool like Hootsuite, you can schedule all your posts in advance. Generally, there are some best days/times of the week to post, which you should Google search. However, every few months you should review your analytics to see what time your viewers actually interact the most with your content, and base it on that data.
    • Use emojis, strategically. The use of emojis, in general, seems to help increase overall engagement with posts. however, when executed properly, can be even more beneficial.
    • Establish a voice, and stick to it. Take a look at some of your favorite brands, and scroll through their posts. (The best example, is Wendy’s). You should automatically be able to get a gist of the brand’s “personality” by the content they post, how they “speak” through their copy, and how they interact with their audience, which brings me to my last point.
    • Engage with your audienceRemember, your goal for this is to get your audience to interact and engage with you. This means that when they do, you have to interact back with them, professionally, even the bad comments. You know how the saying goes, “Even Bad Publicity, is Good Publicity”. While you shouldn’t aim for bad publicity, you should still make sure to keep it under control when it does happen, because it does.


Now to be quite frank, I could spend the whole day writing about this. There are so many different aspects that you need to consider, in order to separate yourself from the pack and get ahead. If you actually had the time & patience to read the entire post, make sure to look up some more pointers and etc to get a better understanding.

I’ll leave you with one final statement. “The Human attention span has dwindled down to approximately 6 seconds and is expected to sink even lower. This is how much time you have, so make sure you make the best of it.”

As always, thanks for reading! I hope this does help your business, and if you have any further questions, you can reach out to any of our social media profiles at AngelStar Digital.


Vehicle Advertising. Here’s why your business NEEDS it!

Vehicle Advertising is a marketing trend that is growing more and more, each year.

What on earth is causing it to grow at such a rate?

Well first, let’s start off with some need-to-know facts about this form of OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising!

  • Vehicle wraps/decals give you between 30,000-70,000 ad impressions, depending on the density of your area.
  • A vehicle driven only 15,000km per year will pass by roughly 9,000,000 cars. (No exaggeration!)
  • Vehicle wraps/decals help improve brand recognition by almost 15% greater than other advertising mediums.

These were only a couple of the many reasons your business should be utilizing vehicle advertising.

Now, let’s discuss WHY those numbers are so high.

Let’s start with a scenario.

You live in the Greater Toronto Area, and you spend about 30-45 minutes commuting to work. You spend most of your commute in a “Stop-and-Go” traffic jam. While waiting for traffic to move, you notice a bright Orange and Blue pickup truck, wrapped in a company decal. It immediately caught your attention as it went by, sticking out like a sore thumb against the sea of silver, white, and black cars you’re normally used to seeing. The truck was from a local plumbing company in the area. When you get home from work, you notice that your pipes under our sink have been leaking. On your way to work the next day, you see that bright truck again, which has a decal on the bed of the truck with the company phone number. When you get home, you call the company and they show up.

This was obviously a highly sped-up scenario, but it gives you a general idea of how these things work.

Almost 70% of cars on the road follow a “grayscale” color scheme of white, gray, black, and silver. What this means, is that it is ridiculously easy to stand out amongst the crowd. Not only does this apply to automobile traffic, but to anywhere your vehicle can be seen with a pair of eyes.

Not only can wrapping your vehicle help your car stick out, and gain more “impressions”, it also helps people briefly understand what your brand is about.

Here’s an example showing just how much of an impact wrapping your vehicle can have.



(Wrap performed by the talented team at AngelStar Digital, in Windsor, ON.)

Which one would catch your eye in traffic?

Hopefully, this blog post helped you realize how beneficial this could be for your business!

Let us know!

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