Go Big or Go Home: The Power of Billboard Advertising

Defined as “a large outdoor board for displaying advertisements”, even in today’s digital age, billboards are still among the most powerful advertising channels around.

Whereas TV, radio, or online advertisements can be easily changed, blocked, or deleted, billboards give advertisers power over their ad space, including how and where their ads are being seen.

Designed to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians, when placed strategically at carefully targeted locations, billboards make a cost-effective, flexible way to reach vast amounts of people over time.

With that being said, a billboard is only as powerful as the content featured on it. Since consumers see hundreds of ads a day, you need a message that’s clear, engaging, and will grab their attention and leave a lasting impression. A message that will stick out like a sore thumb, but in a good straight-to-the-point sort of way.

This requires establishing a solid branding strategy based on the following:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where can you find them?
  • What are you trying to say to them?

Furthermore, both concision and the use of striking visuals will aid in effectively communicating your message. Go with large, bold, easy-to-read text, contrasting colors, and get creative with your visuals. With innovations in technology, there’s no reason to go with a classic bulletin board when digital, three-dimensional, or even a scented billboard (!) exists to complement your branding.

Since billboards are a mass-market medium, quantity will also play a role in your strategy. Taking into consideration traffic, visibility, location, and size, every billboard of yours will eventually be given a Gross Rating Points (GRP) score based on its advertising impact. So if you have ten boards, your impact chances will be greater than if you had only one.

Billboards were made to complement your branding campaign. With six seconds being the average amount of time a commuter will have to read it, avoid complicated visuals and metaphors. Keep it clear and unambiguous, under 8 words, and include a call-to-action… and don’t forget to exercise your creative limits.

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