Banner Design Done Right

Whether you got an upcoming promotion, tradeshow, or charity event, banners are a wonderful way to stand out to your target audience. However, before you can make a statement and win the support of your next great customer, you first need to consider where your banner will go, what message your banner will convey, and what your banner will look like.  



First things first, what’s the purpose of your banner? What message do you want to convey to passerbyers? Do you want them to step into your store, book an appointment, call for a quote, sign up for your rewards program, or donate to a cause? Whatever your goal is, keep your copy clear, concise, and be sure to include a call to action. 

Since you only have seconds to grab the attention of potential customers, ensuring that your banner’s message is as simple and direct as possible will only help your cause. 


Font, colour, and hierarchy 

With colour, you must walk the fine line of contrast and remaining aligned with company branding. Ideally, a sharp contrast between text and background, so light lettering on a dark backdrop, or vice versa. With readability being a key component of design, you will want to pick a font that’s professional and neutral, like Arial, Helvetica, Century Gothic, or Verdana, as experimenting with fun and unique fonts can be detrimental to your banner’s readability.

Furthermore, you want to consider the order in which your messaging and information is placed, as that too may cause you to lose your audience. Stick to key points, no more than two font sizes, use bolding for more important bits, and don’t be afraid of white space as leaving some room can reinforce your message. 


Positioning your banner

When figuring out where your banner will go, first consider #1. Your audience and #2. How you can position your banner to ensure it will be seen by as many people as possible. 

Location will play an important role in whether your next banner goes boom or bust. Where will it be placed? Above your shop, in your store window, at a tradeshow, or outdoors at a charity event? Will your potential audience be standing, walking, or driving when they come across your banner, and approximately how far will they be? What will be right behind your banner when it goes up? When determining size, or whether to go vertical or horizontal, your next banner will need to be designed with backdrop and location in mind.


Banners can be used to promote everything from your next big sale, grand store opening, or exhibition event. However, whether your next banner is a success or not will depend entirely on what words you choose, design, and placement. 

Need help? AngelStar Digital’s team of designers will collaborate with you on your next great banner. We have high quality, waterproof, UV-resistant vinyl, vinyl mesh, or canvas material available for both indoor and outdoor banners. Give us a call today at (519) 969-0712 and we’ll get you started!