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Print Shop in Windsor, Ontario.

Here at AngelStar Digital, we take pride in our printing services. While we specialize in many things, our design & print services are the core of our company and definitely a thing we like to brag about. We provide a wide range of printing services in Windsor to help your business achieve your goals with […]

Banner Advertising: Graphics To-Go!

Advertising is an essential element of any business. With that being said however, you as a business owner need to figure out the best way to promote your product/service within your budget. ———————————————– Banners, are a great budget-friendly form of advertising that can serve multiple purposes, and be reused for multiple years (if taken care […]

Windsor, ON: The Pizza City.

Windsor, Ontario… A city heavily reliant on the auto industry, family bonds, and traditions. From the outside looking in, we tend to get a bad rep. People see our city as dirty, boring, and as Stephen Colbert famously quoted “Canada’s Rectum”. What many of these outsiders don’t realize is, our city has a lot of […]

Cryptocurrency & NFTs…Should You Care?

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Blockchain…these are words we are hearing more and more every day if you follow tech news, and well…they even started leaning into mainstream media as well. So you might ask, what are they and why do I care? Put in simple words, cryptocurrency is a type of currency that uses digital files as […]

The Metaverse. What is it?

Recently, Facebook has announced that they will be changing their name to Meta. Now I know the question you might be asking…what does this mean? Well at the time of writing this post, nothing. But let’s dive into the meaning behind the change, and why the term “Metaverse” has been such a hot topic as […]

Why Good Customer Service Is So Important.

Having great customer service is something that benefits every single aspect of your business. Not only does it help you generate new customers through referrals and word of mouth, but it also helps with returning customers. It’s a known fact that consumers who have had a pleasant experience are more likely to share it, and […]

Why Should You Rebrand Your Business?

Ever wonder why big companies change up their brand “appearance” every few years? Surprisingly, there are many different reasons for this. Primarily, many businesses like to rebrand their company to feel up to date and to reposition themselves. For example, lately, there has been an influx of brands changing their brands to a more modern, […]