Sign Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

When it comes to attracting potential customers to your business, simple things like having a little too much text, a lack of white space, fancy fonts, or even the space between your letters, can prevent your sign from packing the right punch. Here are 7 common mistakes to keep in mind for your next sign.

Bad font

Illegible fonts.

When creating your sign, first you’ll want to make sure that your font is simple and easy to read. As a rule of thumb, pick a font size that’s at least two points above what you think is right for your sign, and please, please, please stick to the classics.

Why? Well for one thing, not everyone has great vision, and second, you don’t want to miss out on business just because you decided to go with something unique. We recommend sticking to Serif Fonts, such as Times New Roman, Bookman, Courier, and Tahoma among others, as they’re often the best choice when it comes to readability.

Contrasting and Complimentary Colours

After choosing the right font, you want to make sure that the colors complement and contrast with one another. If the font and background colors blend in and fail to contrast, then expect your sign’s message to go unnoticed due to the unclear text. Therefore, in order to catch eyes, stick to dark colors for your background and light colors for your font, and vice versa.

letter spacing

Poor Letter Spacing

Always make sure your letter spacing is even and legible. Need I say more?

poor spelling and grammar

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

To avoid sending out the wrong message and coming across as unprofessional or illegitimate, double check your grammar and punctuation. I know I don’t have to tell you this, but the fact is we’re all susceptible to spelling and grammar mistakes. Always get someone to check your design proof before proceeding any further with your signage.

a sign with too much information

Too much Information

When it comes to signage, less is always more. Given that our brains can only process so much information, filling your sign with as much as possible is a guaranteed buzzkill. With each passersby, you only have a matter of seconds to grab their attention and convey what your business does. Therefore, your goal is to get straight to the point. Make sure you utilize the negative space around and between your subjects and font as doing so will result in a sign that’s clear, concise, and not to mention easy on the eyes.

A sign in a bad location

Bad Location

Strategically positioning your sign is the difference that makes all the difference. You could have the absolute perfect balance of information, negative space, and coloring, but if your sign is hidden behind a tree, or isn’t properly scaled to the building it’s installed on, then what’s the point? Installing a small sign on a large building and vice versa, is guaranteed to turn attention away from the sign and onto the odd placement.

Similarly, a poor or unlit sign means potentially being ignored during the evening hours altogether. Your best course of action is to take a photo of your space and send it to your sign company for size and lighting recommendations.


Last but not least, you will want a sign that can withstand rain, shine, sleet or snow. Like location and lighting, choosing the right material for your sign is a testament to your business. A quality sign will run you more money, but for the guarantee that your brilliant work is printed on better, long-lasting material—isn’t it worth it?

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